21 09 2011
  • Love as a priority
  • Has become a minority.
  • Gratification makes promises unreal
  • In love and life learning to deal.
  • Mentality of a flower child
  • Freedom is key,
  • Butchered by Bin Laden,
  • And even politics before he.
  • Sixties and Seventies past,
  • Is the philosophy forgotten?
  • Is it possible to fit in?
  • This new age may be rotten.
  • Peace, love and harmony,
  • Preach it to all;
  • Move souls into the sublime,
  • Let your ignorance fall.
  • With inhibitions and hate,
  • Greed, anger and fear;
  • We are all Gods creations,
  • Give children less reason for a tear.
  • Hostility is created,
  • Not born into babies;
  • Purity is the beginnings of life,
  • Ill-will infects us like rabies.
  • The realization of reality,
  • Love as a dream yet to come;
  • Proving with acts and not words
  • Is something not done.
  • Life’s paths hoped to be fairy tales,
  • Opportunity floats in the air;
  • Built up dreams let down,
  • Missing my breath and catching one rare.
  • Spread this education,
  • Enlighten new minds.
  • Search for yourself,
  • It’s good what you find.



3 responses

3 10 2011
Imogen Shepard

That’s beautiful ! and how the truth flows from every word. Bravo for writing this.

( Tip: To get the © symbol, which I suggest you put on this great piece: press Alt once and then press again holding it down while you type in 0169. On a laptop you have to use the numbers on the letters as it doesn’t work with the top row numbers)

You have a real talent. Immie x

11 10 2011

Thank you! 🙂

11 10 2011
Imogen Shepard

Your very welcome and thank you for the subscribe to my very varied blog! Imogen 🙂

I love feedback!

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