Dr Suess

24 09 2011
  • “I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells”,
  • Stated Theodore Geisel one time,
  • Yet further than just nonsense he wrote,
  • Who became famous from his unique type of rhyme.
  • His story begins,
  • March 2, 1904,
  • Son of a brewer,
  • Who ran a zoo for cuisine and much more.
  • Theodore graduated from Dartmouth College,
  • While drawing cartoons,
  • One of the places,
  • Where he thought up many of his loons.
  • Geisel began to write stories,
  • For children to read,
  • Though he had none of his own,
  • He never did breed.
  • His writings were quirky,
  • Each book had an outlandish nation,
  • Some words were even made up,
  • By people in his population!
  • But his issues dug deeper,
  • Though most could not plainly see,
  • Since his pages of pictures,
  • Were as strange as can be!
  • Discrimination and Religion,
  • And Richard M. Nixon,
  • Were all included,
  • In stories he was fixin.
  • Saving his real name,
  • For his more serious work,
  • He chose something more suitable,
  • Dr. Suess then served as his fork.
  • This Pulitzer Prize winning chap,
  • Wrote and illustrated 47 stories,
  • He was married twice,
  • And had a lifetime of glories.
  • Age 87 did he live,
  • Writing mainly for folks of young age,
  • Or so most firstly thought,
  • Because of characters like Sneetches and Mrs. McCave.
  • But his books can be loved,
  • Even by adults,
  • Because even a child’s story,
  • Can talk about other faults.




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