tiny house BIG LIFE!

14 05 2015

Living in a “tiny home” allows for so much time to get out and truly LIVE!

I have officially been in my tiny home for a month now, and there is never a dull moment. Some days I stay within my community and enjoy paddle-boarding on the lake, journaling on my patio and admiring the crazy amount of animals that flock to our park (we have kittens, ducks, a goose & many different types of birds – all of which are super friendly!).


My dog loves all the attention (especially when I am giving “tiny” tours) and I enjoy the quiet evenings outside to sit and meditate.

Outside of the community is incredible as well; Orlando has so much to offer! Whether it is exploring the adjacent areas of College Park and Winter Park, to being minutes from downtown Orlando, there is so much to do. The Lake Eola farmers market is delightful as it promotes local business and there is an area for yoga and meditation groups that practice by the lake. I have found a great local vegan market, and a studio that offers hip hop aerobic dance classes that my tiny neighbor and I are going to try out this week.

I spent this past Saturday working on a bench/daybed for my tiny living room (my builder has a really cool DIY camp in his warehouse). I am constantly rearranging things in my home to be more conscious of my habits and decorating my tiny space is a lot of fun! So much thought has to go into every inch of the home. I just ordered blinds (I have such beautiful big windows in my living space) and I also finally came up with a name for my house (which will be revealed when I get my sign made to hang by the door!).



(The frame of my tiny bench/daybed ⬆️)

June will be dedicated to re-establishing my Ayurvedic business in Orlando. As I was updating my information on the NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association) website I was astounded to see that I am the only practitioner in Orlando! I also look forward to really becoming plugged in with the yoga community here. This first month has basically been dedicated to my home and enjoying settling into the new TH community (not to mention the constant knocks on the door from TH enthusiasts!). Thank goodness we now have scheduled open houses!


Everyone I’ve met has been ridiculously friendly (so much so that I’m going to have to start turning down invitations to hang out – it has been pretty much like a month long vacation since I have arrived!).


June is is going to be a great month, I can feel it! More will be revealed…





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