It’s all about the little things… (literally!)

18 05 2015

Moving into a THOW requires some serious downsizing. There were many ups and downs for me. When I first began purging it was fantastic! Decluttering my apartment felt incredibly rewarding (and the extra cash from items I sold was a very welcome added bonus). Unfortunately after the initial purge I hit a wall. Reality set in and I realized I still had attachments to certain items that I knew would not fit into my new tiny home. Honestly it made me quite sad, and I wasn’t sure how to rectify that. Some THers rent storage units for the things they can’t seem to let go of; but that was never my intention… Not only did I want to downsize my belongings, I wanted to downsize my bills and my carbon footprint as well.

The wonderful solution I eventually came up with? I started giving beautiful, sacred (to me) items to friends and family members that I knew would give those items new loving homes and lives. Without even realizing it, by doing this, it also gave me a better connection with the people that I cared about. I would (and still do) go over to friends/family members homes and will see something of mine that had made me smile as the previous owner – and now I can see a new smile beaming from the new owner! It was (and still is) such a pleasant feeling.

Then there comes the process of shopping for what you do need! I had the capability of buying beautiful new (mostly handcrafted) items for my new home. Since I only need small things and even small amounts of those small things, I can make what I have a bit nicer than if I was buying in bulk for a larger home. I also made it a point to buy as much as I could from small business owners (I LOVE!) as opposed to large dominant corporations & bulk stores. Having the freedom to buy custom, handmade from the heart items is important to me (and one of the reasons I am in the business of selling custom & handmade products myself as an Ayurvedic practitioner!).

Here are some of the beautiful items I got for my tiny home (all came from shops I follow on etsy or local businesses I am familiar with):


Custom silverware – I only have (and need!) 3 spoons, 3 forks, and a small 4 knife set.


New artwork/inspiration to hang on my tiny walls!


I have SO many uses for mason jars… I use them as my drinking glasses, storage containers (even my q-tips are in a mason jar!), leftover food containers… The list just goes on! I love being able to reuse my jars. No plastic bottles in my house!

I also have only 2 bowls and 2 plates, as well as 1 cooking pot and 1 frying pan for my induction hot plate. I chose not to have a stove or oven. Which means cleaning is a breeze! So much so, that I also no longer use paper towels. I stick to cloths that I can wash and reuse. Not having to spend my time cleaning a large apartment/condo/house is a huge weight off of my shoulders. It frees me up to shop at the local vegan market or farmers markets frequently; and in turn I have the capability to eat whole, fresh, organic foods. I had some concern before my move that my kitchen would be too small and I would be forced into eating processed foods on the go; but in actuality it is quite the opposite! I have the time to scope out amazing local restaurants in the area and was quite surprised and pleased to find places nearby that offer organic and wholesome vegan/vegetarian options for when I do want to eat out or get takeout.

I even brought over the landscaping from my old apartment and was able to create my beautiful outdoor patio behind my home overlooking the lake. It really is amazing what you can repurpose, and it feels wonderful knowing that even in very “tiny” ways I can have a very “BIG” positive impact on our home – Mother Earth!


All of these “little” things really make a very “BIG” impact on not only my life (and my time), as well as the economy and the planet.

If you would like to read more about the process of “tiny living” from another point of view; check out my neighbors blog!





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