Imagine All The People…

15 06 2015

We are growing!! Whoop whoop!

Just had a new “tiny” neighbor move her house into the park yesterday. She still needs to finish out the interior of her home, and paint the exterior, but it is looking great so far!


I also had the chance to meet another woman at our open house on Saturday who is moving into her THOW here in July. She is so lovely! There is an additional tiny houser scheduled to move in around July as well! We are booming!

I see a lot of fire pits and Cards Against Humanity in my future. It is great to see the movement here really begin to take off. I was a little nervous that our vision was just going to stay a “vision” for a while, but it is really starting to gain momentum. The open houses that we have every month draw in SO many people! Some have already started to go tiny, some are just beginning to research and some just think it is a neat idea!

I really do have the best neighbors. There is a constant stream of invites to eat, shop, watch movies, hula hoop… and that is just within the community. Even Nesta has play friends here. She is one happy pup!


We are all total goofballs and have the best time together! I am so happy that the universe chose to bring me on this amazing journey. I am constantly excited to see what is in store next as the journey continues…





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