What are you doing with all that space?

23 06 2015

There are so many articles in circulation addressing the lack of space in a tiny house. I’m not sure if I have ever seen an article that addresses extra amounts of space in McMansions. What are people doing with all that space?

I have a TON of space. It’s called Mother Nature. I also have a lot of extra entertaining space. I refer to it as community. Even my dog has more space, and more friends.


(One of many tiny furry friends in my THC – tiny house community!)

I find myself lonely in empty space. Additional “things” confuse me. The china flatware at my parents house makes no sense to me. The ones for “special” occasions that are held in the dining room that rarely gets used. TODAY IS SPECIAL! Every day is special to me!

Ironically, my lack of space has begun to rub off on my family. My parents recently added an outdoor meditation area to their home in Michigan. I’m wicked impressed! That is not typically their dynamic.


I have a “guest bedroom”. My bench can be used as a day bed for visitors to stay. I have a full bathroom (what I consider a full since I don’t take baths). I have a laundry room. No trips to the laundromat for me! I have an office that doubles as my media center and a patio overlooking a serene lake. I have a kitchen that suits my lifestyle (my lack of cooking lifestyle! – which was why I chose only the appliances I knew wouldn’t go to waste). I have more now than I had in any apartment I have ever lived in! In 220 square feet! Seriously!

FullSizeRender copy 3

(Basically I just want to live on smoothies…)

I hope that I never “live” inside. It just doesn’t feel natural. Life is a playground!

(My AWESOME tiny goofball of a neighbor. There is music that he is dancing to, even if you can’t hear it. I swear.)

But seriously, what are you doing with all that space? Not entertaining. Unless you just haven’t invited me over. Feel free to join me in my extra space.



(My tiny neighbors blog is pretty rad too… Check him out @ http://www.thecompanystoreonwheels.com & http://www.facebook.com/thecompanystoreonwheels #DORK)




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