Buggin Out!

30 06 2015

I saw a bug.

I know that’s totally normal in Florida, but the knowledge doesn’t help. It was next to my bed, in my loft.

That was last week. Since then I have sprayed down the area (well, the whole house really) with an organic essential oil bug repellant blend I made; and I haven’t seen a bug since; but that has not stopped me from sleeping downstairs on my bench/daybed. Every. Single. Night.


(Can’t give up all my holistic secrets so just a sneak… although if you were to ask me I’m sure I would tell you the recipe!)

It’s not like I haven’t seen bugs in my homes in Florida before, but just not really in my bedroom. I guess that is what happens when you live tiny. You’re bedroom is practically in your kitchen anyway.

I’ve surrounded a portion of my house with citronella plants, aloe, and a lemon tree. I spray down my home with my own organic bug repellants, and I don’t keep any opened food out. Opened boxes of cereal or crackers go into the fridge. Leftover food trash goes into the fridge until I carry it to the dumpster. All of this is a tiny must. I have even summoned my pup Nesta to be on the lookout for me… (guard dog in full effect!)


It is causing me a real problem. There is a quote that I can refer to that will explain. You see, “I like to party. And by party, I mean take naps.” So since the bug incident I have been VERY awake.

Le sigh. The good news is that it has made me want to reorganize/redecorate my tiny home (already… I know, I know! But I must pull everything out now and redo it ALL!). Luckily I have amazing inspiration from my tiny neighbor. I mean, seriously, his home consistently looks like it was staged for a magazine article.



(check out his blog at http://www.thecompanystoreonwheels.com)

Stayed tuned for bohemian chic. I see lots and lots of throw pillows in my future.





3 responses

4 08 2015

I LOVE your tiny house! You have done such a great job, I particularly love your colours. I’m happy I found your blog for another reason also, like you I’m not a fan of bugs (are you sleeping back in your loft yet?) and we are a chemical free family. I would love to get your organic essential oil bug repellent blend recipe please. TIA 🙂

5 08 2015
Haley Kalb

Hi Janne,

Yes I am back in the loft (have been for quite sometime now – and completely bug free lol). My bug repellant is actually quite simple (there are many complicated ones out there but what I use works perfectly for me!), it is simply organic lemongrass eucalyptus essential oil diluted with water, to spray around the house. Easy as that! 🙂

6 08 2015

Thank You!

I love feedback!

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