Tiny Tribe

5 07 2015

I hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July! We celebrated here in our THC (tiny house community) with our growing tiny tribe! It was also my birthday, which made the day even more special (for me at least lol).


BIG thank you to my tiny neighbor James for helping to put the shindig together! I purchased some party flair for the cookout (including silly string to prank on someone), but as you can see it kinda backfired… (but don’t worry – we are all super conscious of our lovely park wildlife and cleaned up of course!)


We just had some new neighbors move their THOWs in, although they are currently shells, so they are having fun finishing the interiors of their homes (which decorating of course is the most fun part!). People that choose to live “tiny” definitely need support and ideas from other TH community members, especially the ones who are diving in head first (which is what most of us have done).

The cookout was a total success. We kinda just threw it together the day before thinking that maybe only a few people would show up, but we had an amazing turnout!

image2 image1

11703065_10102691025989365_8012869181676891671_n FullSizeRender copy 5

It’s so lovely to see the community pull together and make these events happen.

11402832_10102691929294135_6041451684674020377_n 11692774_10102691487030435_1819100042257628842_n

We ended the night with fireworks (some set off by one of my neighbors taking his boat out onto our own lake as seen in the youtube video below); but also from where we live you could see fireworks from nearby Fairview Shores, Maitland and even downtown Orlando!






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