A look inside…

14 07 2015

I am always discovering and playing around with decorations in my THOW. It is still a work in progress but it is definitely coming along nicely! Here are some pictures of the interior so far…


I chose to not have an oven in my kitchen, because I knew that for me, it would be a waste of an appliance (as I’m not much of a chef!). I have my induction hot plate, my mini-fridge and a little microwave which all suits my needs just fine.


My bathroom also has everything I need (and maybe a little extra). Many people choose not to do an additional sink in the bathroom, and only opt for one in the kitchen; but my girly side pleaded for a vanity space. 😉


I also wanted the convenience to have a washer dryer combo in my home. Which turned out to be very helpful by adding extra kitchen counter space above.


My favorite piece of art! A gift from my father (who is apparently a banker by day and artist by night – who knew?). One of my most cherished possessions.


A view of the stairs up to my loft. The bottom two stairs are folded up in this picture, which allows for more living room space when I need it, as well as storage space underneath.

10393803_10102704524777685_5091481363741496770_n 11745858_10102704524563115_59527993768097116_n

My daybed, which sits under a true picture window looking out to the view of the lake I live on. Additionally I have a closet built into the stairs. Fits all of the clothes I need. There is also storage space under the daybed.

11745357_10102704523535175_3586721408665919974_n 11036368_10102704522377495_4625356738453089937_n

Decorative (and practical) elements in the kitchen area.

11223549_10102704529757705_8331379054035779654_n 11709232_10102704529583055_138322936985810285_n 11703135_10102704528500225_3271551299657117242_n

A view of the loft (aka my bedroom). I am in the process of trying to sell my mattress (it is too thick – the big purchase mistake I made when going tiny!). Thin mattresses are the way to go for tiny loft living; I guess I didn’t get the memo in time lol! It’s all part of the learning process though. So this will soon be replaced with a thinner mattress (I already have one picked out that is super comfortable) and new bedding that I recently purchased on Etsy.com (that should arrive any day now!).

I am very happy with the interior progress so far! What do you all think?




2 responses

15 07 2015

The blue plate set is fabulous!

17 07 2015

I love it!!!! So cool!!! Want to come to an open house. I live in Orlando and seriously considering Tiny Living!!! Need info on price ranges.
Best wishes in your new,Tiny, house.

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