It’s a Buddhaful day!

27 07 2015

My tiny house sign finally came in the mail! Eeeeekk!!! I am so happy with the way it turned out. I decided to name my THOW “Buddhaful Hॐme”.


The sign came from the lovely people at – I explained my vision to them and they completely blew me away with their quality of work.

Video putting up my new sign.

11753285_10102729943548265_7810496660618959904_nFullSizeRender copy 6

It really is a tiny Buddhaful Hॐme‬! ❤

FullSizeRender copy 5

Next project is to paint my front door for an added extra pop of color.

FullSizeRender copy 7

Choosing a name for my THOW was more difficult than I had anticipated; but when I came up with the name I knew it was perfect for my home. That’s how going tiny has been happening for me from the start, just seamlessly falling into place (little bumps – lets be realistic – but overall pretty seamless), and that’s how I know I made the right decision.

Day view vs. night view.


Simple = happiness!

And for those that noticed, the company was kind enough to redo my sign with the correct spelling.






8 responses

28 07 2015

It just looks terrific. Congratulations!

29 07 2015

What a lovely house! And your view is spectacular! Just one question, which kind of thin mattress did you find? I have a huge tempurpedic and I know it would seriously limit my loft space, but I looooove my mattress!

29 07 2015
Haley Kalb

I haven’t bought my thin mattress yet (just waiting on my current mattress to sell) but I found one at IKEA that was very comfortable. They have a few options of thin mattresses, so it all just depends on the level of firmness vs. softness you prefer.

3 08 2015

Did you notice the sign doesn’t have the H in Buddha?

5 08 2015
Haley Kalb

Hi Sarah! I actually (silly me) was so caught up in the whole excitement of it, that I didn’t notice until you pointed it out – so thank you! All of the emails between myself and the sign company I used were specific with the spelling “Buddhaful” so after I pointed it out to them, they have been gracious enough to allow me to send the current sign back and replace it with the correct spelling. Again, thank you! The sign is quality work – but definitely comes with a price tag! 🙂

5 08 2015

Oh I am so glad this worked out! I really hated to point it out, but I know if something like that would have happened to me I would want someone to say something. Kind of like the “you have something in your teeth” predicament. 🙂 And what an awesome company to fix the mistake!

4 08 2015

Awesome, Haley! Did you mention somewhere what the dimensions are?
I’m offering my backyard as a construction site to someone who is building a THOW, 8′ by 20′ and want to share this with him. I live in Salida, CO and housing is very expensive here.
Thanks and congrats on your buddaful home!

4 08 2015
Haley Kalb

Yes, my THOW is built on an 8 x 20 trailer as well. 🙂 220 square feet total, including the loft.

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