Lake Life

17 08 2015

Life is very exciting on a lake. Constant activity. I still pinch myself when I wake up in the morning to take my dog outside and realize all over again that I live steps from a lake. I have a million dollar view – how did I get so lucky?


The fishing / grilling / boating / lounging dock in my community.

FullSizeRender copy 3

Water powered jet pack on the lake!




Neighbors out for Sunday tubing!

I love that I have a paddle board steps from my door that I can jump on anytime I want and go out onto the water. Ironically, when I was looking to go “tiny” the last place I wanted to move to was Orlando. It just didn’t make sense to me to live in Florida and not be by water. So when I came out to my community for the first time to see a tiny home (the first one I had actually seen in person and walked through) I had no intention of living here, I just thought I was coming to look at a tiny house.

The lake sold me. A tiny house and the ability to be steps from the lake? I’ll take it (and I did!).





3 responses

18 08 2015

You have inspired me! You look beautiful in your kayak! Wish I could be there and enjoy that lake! May you be happy there for a very long time.

18 08 2015
Haley Kalb

That’s actually my mom in the kayak lol, but thank you!! 🙂

20 08 2015
Natalie Crawford

Haley, I love your article About Me. You seem to be so rounded and secure. Beautiful lifestyle and love your tiny home. Residents look very happy.

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