About Quittersnation

I believe community is important. I believe that balance (mental/physical/spiritual) and active adventure elongate lifespan. I believe how we treat our bodies and minds creates who we are. I believe laughter, love and play are the keys to a peaceful soul. I believe this is more attainable than you think. I believe you can have all of these things.
Quittersnation was started with the intention to bring people together from all areas of life with one common link. Those who have had it with settling for less than what they deserve in life. This is a community for people to connect and learn from their peers on how to have a positive and more meaningful existence.
I created this forum for like-minded people who are interested in leading a happier, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. And much, much more to come!

4 responses

28 01 2012
Imogen Shepard

Hello! Just letting you know that I have given you the: 7×7 Link Award!!

You really deserve it for all the Gems of inspiration you dish out!

Only 7 Blogs can get given this ( was hard picking) and if you want to see the other bits to the award (also has your blog link too here) visit http://www.mybyeworld.com and it’s under the post heading “Yay! I have been given an award!”

Have a happy day, Immie 🙂

14 05 2015

Very cool, Haley!

Keep blogging!!!


23 02 2016
Alice dawson

Hi I love reading your blog. Have a question though. Would you rather knowing what you know now live on the lake more by yourself or in the community? I am a widow and want to buy a tiny home, I even have family in Orlando,I live in al.and have always had lots of room and short on neighbors. Be honest which is better. Living out alone or in a group? Thank you lace4046@aol.com

12 03 2017
Barbara Volta

You’re my tribe! 🙂

I love feedback!

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