4 11 2015

So I’ve been a little MIA lately, I had a good friend of mine pass away, followed by my grandmother just recently. She truly taught me unconditional love. Unfortunately she fell to the the disease of dementia.


Rest in peace, I will see you in your next life. You were the best of us. I love you endlessly.


I on the other hand have been learning a lot about tiny living. A few words of advice:

  1. Things will constantly change. I pulled out all of my winter clothes from storage (I cheat a little storing a few things at my parents house) and now temperatures are back in the high 80’s and I have bags of clothes with no where for them to go. I’ll end up buying some additional shelving, but always plan ahead!
  2. Always take into consideration your height. I initially bought a very thick mattress for my loft without even thinking about space issues before I moved in. Luckily it sold and I have my thin mattress now (and I am lucky that I am only 5’0″ tall!).
  3. If you don’t absolutely need it, get rid of it.
  4. Make sure things are properly sealed. There are bugs in Florida. It happens. Basically just don’t leave food hanging out and you will be good! I keep everything in the fridge.
  5. Have fun decorating! If you don’t like to move things around you might get frustrated. You will be thinking of new creative ways for storage and how the home looks in general so make it fun and play around with it! Seriously, it’s not much work in a little space; but will have generous rewards when completed.


Now that I may have talked you out of tiny living, let me give you some of the things that I love.

  1. My beautiful view I get to wake up to every morning.
  2. My crazy awesome neighbors who help me find solutions to problems that arise (when they can).
  3. Exploring – there are always new places to go or events to attend where I live. Drum circle this weekend!
  4. Taking my beloved (Nesta my pup) to the dog park for her to play.
  5. Vegan options in the area!
  6. Being grateful for life in general! Tiny living is an amazing journey. It’s kind of the little things you learn to do for yourself, even something as simple as changing a propane tank (hey – I had never done it before!)


Morning view.


Lovely neighbors.


Being adjacent to Winter Park.

https://instagram.com/p/9lbeMRCF1i/ (puppy park video)



We all go through crap, but overall…


There are many, many days like this for me. ❤

Open House!

19 10 2015

Tiny open houses can be a tricky thing. On the one hand, as a THOW owner I love and appreciate giving back by showing my home to those thinking of going “tiny”, but on the flip side I live here and cannot accommodate all people who would like to see my house.

Even though as THOW residents we are very busy people, we love to show off our homes. We take a lot of pride in being welcomed to the THOW movement with open arms!


(Just email or call for an appointment first lol)



I had a woman knock on my door yesterday with a CLEAR sign by my door that reads:


If my dog hears a knock on the door (and happens to be up in my loft area), she plummets down the stairs and is at high risk to break a hip or worse (hence the sign). She proceeded to knock on everyone’s THOW doors even after asking not to. I am a kind person, but I lost it and saw red. After chewing her out, I mistakenly gave her a tour of my home. I should have said – “sure but lets go take a tour of your house first mmmmkay?”.

These are our HOMES. I have never once dared to knock on a persons home and ask for a tour. We have open houses just for that reason. Common sense people, common sense.



5 09 2015

Organic growth.

So far this is how the tiny house movement has begun.

FullSizeRender copy 5

What do you want out of life?

FullSizeRender copy 8

Fear based. Is most of how we all live. If you want something else, MOVE – you are not a tree. 😉

FullSizeRender copy 6



FullSizeRender copy

Tiny House shame… (lame!)

21 07 2015

As an Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga instructor, one lesson I personally have taken away from my studies is to not, to the best of my ability, judge anyone on how they choose to live. Everyone is entitled to choose their own journey. I recently chose to live in a THOW for many different reasons (including wanting to participate in sustainable living in the ways that I am able) but that does not mean that I want to judge others who choose to live in a “McMansion”. Don’t get me wrong, I do think it’s a bit ridiculous to have all that space (not trying to be judgmental – practice not perfection!), but I also believe that everyone should live a life that brings them joy. The universe wants all people to be happy equally!

I recently found out that when I first moved into my tiny house I gave one of my TH neighbors “paper towel” shame. I didn’t even know it, and of course never meant to! I don’t use paper towels in my home (I use washcloths for napkins and throw them into the laundry to recycle) so I guess my neighbor started to feel “shamed” that he was using paper towels. When he finally told me, we both started cracking up. How silly! I definitely want him to do what works for him and felt awful that he felt bad about using them just because I don’t!


Every month I open my home for “tiny house tours” and I have been “shamed” as well. I have a microwave in my TH and for whatever reason, people like to call me out on it. As an Ayurvedic practitioner I am completely aware that microwaves change the molecular composition of food, and I agree that there are much better ways of cooking things, or reheating food. The ironic thing is – I barely even use my microwave. In actuality – I’m a terrible cook so I tend to eat out more often that at home, and most of the foods I do try to keep in my tiny refrigerator doesn’t need to be cooked in the first place (nuts, fruits & veggies, etc.). I’m trying to not let the microwave comments get to me, but it’s getting repetitive. I have a microwave, I get it. Could I do better? Yes. But that will be on my own time, on my own journey. I’ll get there when I am meant to get there.

I would love to be a person that grows her own food and cooks over an open flame and keeps it as close to nature as possible. The reality is, there is only so much I am capable of doing at this point in my life. Maybe I will evolve into a non-microwave user in the future. That would be nice, I like the idea of that. I am trying to be as conscious as I can. My neighbor still laughs at me for scrutinizing the labels of everything I buy at the grocery store (probably because he has to wait for like an eternity for me since I am a very slow food shopper lol).

For me, going tiny is not meant to shame other people for the way they live. It’s just a personal choice that I made. Of course I support movements towards more sustainable and eco-friendly living, but I’m not looking to force my personal beliefs onto anyone. We are all evolving, and each of us does it in our own way. I’m not apologizing for the way I live my life, and I don’t think that anyone that lives a life founded on love and kindness should either. No matter what the square footage of your house is! Even if I personally do still think large houses are ridiculous 😉 My hope is for everyone to live authentically within their own truth, whatever that may be for them. It’s lame to shame!

Now time for me to get back to my organic smoothie served in a mason jar! ❤



What’s inside of you?

27 01 2012

Merry Christmas 2011!

25 12 2011

Soul Kitchen

20 10 2011

Jon Bon Jovi has opened a new “pay-what-you-can” restaurant in New Jersey. What an angel! Check it out:

Soul Kitchen

Quinoa Burgers

3 10 2011

I had to share this post from another fellow blogger:


Quinoa is definitely not a well-known food for the extent of the health benefits it provides. Give it a try – you will be so surprised and will want to find other recipes that include this wonder food!


21 09 2011

AKA breakfast, the most important meal of the day. This is a perfect way to start the morning – veggie omelet, guacamole & tomato, fresh homemade papaya smoothie. Bon appetite!

Flowering Tea by Numi Organic Tea

20 09 2011

This is a great gift idea! – http://shop.numitea.com/Flowering-Tea-Set-in-Bamboo/p/NUMIS-80950&c=NumiTeaStore@Gifts

Everyone knows the health benefits of tea, now there is a beautiful way to showcase what you drink!