10 things every woman should have

29 09 2011

1. A great pair of Yoga pants. You can wear them for a workout or just to look cute while running errands. Beats those old sweat pants!

2. At least one sexy bikini that stays put, even when trying to impress the guys with your mad (or bad) water sport skills!

3. Your own (and only yours) extra-large mug for a morning cup of coffee, choffy, or tea. Extra credit if you have your own cozy and peaceful morning/evening nook to drink it in without any disturbances!

4. Your own identity. Whatever your interests may be, everyone needs to take time out for just themselves.

5. A piece of art that you picked out alone that can always put a smile on your face.

6. A classic staple purse and easy to use luggage.

7. Fresh flowers. Maybe from a man, or even better, yourself. White lilies or roses compliment any room.

8. A beautiful picture of yourself doing something you love. Hang it in an area that is easily visible or have it mounted onto a canvas as wall art.

9. Perfect dark aviators. They match everything!

10. A go to recipe for parties requiring food. Something that I found out that has always been an easy and quick make: take a log of goat cheese, pour over a jar of Vidalia onion spaghetti sauce and bake for 20 min. Serve with a loaf of French bread (cut into thick slivers for dipping). An instant appetizer hit!