Let it go.

23 08 2015

So many meanings to that phrase.

I first learned how to let go through my studies in Yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism and Ayurveda. I learned how to let go of unwanted thoughts and outcomes. Non-attachment, as some would call it. I found that through daily practice, it became easier and easier to let go of life’s negativity.

I also had learned that very lesson from the way I have chosen to lead my life. I have moved around and traveled more than the average person on this planet. I am used to letting go of friends, relationships, family… Even though I am very close with a lot of people; I have never been physically or locally close to loved ones for more than a short few years; at most. The longest side by side, through thick or thin, has been with my dog, Nesta; for the last six years.

I love my life. I have seen things that others have only dreamt about. I have met and come to know so many amazing human beings. There have also been many tragedies along the way; but I don’t regret a second of my journey in this life, and I plan on only continuing it and expanding it.

So lets get to it and talk about going “tiny”… I mean, that’s what you want to hear about, right?

Going “tiny”, most literally means letting go of material possessions. It also could mean giving up relationships with others that do not believe in “that type” of way of life. I am lucky to have had much support in my decision to go “tiny”. Letting go is not an easy task, and even though I have practiced it for years, it will always be an endless practice for me.

It comes in waves. At first, selling/giving away most of my material possessions was like a weight being lifted off of my shoulders. It was freeing. It still is freeing. Letting go of certain human connections has been the only hard part for me. I am lucky, because I live in a loving THOW welcoming community where I have found neighbors that are like-minded and love on each other; on the daily. Yet there are days that I also feel isolated; that it is still only myself and my dog.

I am an advocate of the tiny house community movement for exactly that reason. I did not used to value family (blood related or not), and I feel so strongly for the right for everyone to feel welcome, and to fit into their communities, no matter how they choose to live. I believe in unconditional love (no matter how “outdated that may be”).

I don’t have any fancy tiny house pictures this week, just a part of my story in choosing to go tiny. I am blessed, everyday of my life. Love yourself, love others, and allow for yourself to also be blessed.



What are you doing with all that space?

23 06 2015

There are so many articles in circulation addressing the lack of space in a tiny house. I’m not sure if I have ever seen an article that addresses extra amounts of space in McMansions. What are people doing with all that space?

I have a TON of space. It’s called Mother Nature. I also have a lot of extra entertaining space. I refer to it as community. Even my dog has more space, and more friends.


(One of many tiny furry friends in my THC – tiny house community!)

I find myself lonely in empty space. Additional “things” confuse me. The china flatware at my parents house makes no sense to me. The ones for “special” occasions that are held in the dining room that rarely gets used. TODAY IS SPECIAL! Every day is special to me!

Ironically, my lack of space has begun to rub off on my family. My parents recently added an outdoor meditation area to their home in Michigan. I’m wicked impressed! That is not typically their dynamic.


I have a “guest bedroom”. My bench can be used as a day bed for visitors to stay. I have a full bathroom (what I consider a full since I don’t take baths). I have a laundry room. No trips to the laundromat for me! I have an office that doubles as my media center and a patio overlooking a serene lake. I have a kitchen that suits my lifestyle (my lack of cooking lifestyle! – which was why I chose only the appliances I knew wouldn’t go to waste). I have more now than I had in any apartment I have ever lived in! In 220 square feet! Seriously!

FullSizeRender copy 3

(Basically I just want to live on smoothies…)

I hope that I never “live” inside. It just doesn’t feel natural. Life is a playground!

(My AWESOME tiny goofball of a neighbor. There is music that he is dancing to, even if you can’t hear it. I swear.)

But seriously, what are you doing with all that space? Not entertaining. Unless you just haven’t invited me over. Feel free to join me in my extra space.



(My tiny neighbors blog is pretty rad too… Check him out @ http://www.thecompanystoreonwheels.com & http://www.facebook.com/thecompanystoreonwheels #DORK)


World Laughter Day

6 05 2012

“We have to get older, but we don’t have to grow old.” George Burns

World Laughter Day is celebrated the first Sunday in May each year. So have a comedy party, take a laughter Yoga class, just make sure to get the benefits from laughter today!

  • Lower stress and tension
  • Alleviate pain
  • Undo blocks and barriers
  • Gain Vitality
  • Help boost your immune system
  • Tone muscles (it’s internal jogging!)
  • Encourage creativit
  • Restore and Relax

Right side of life…

5 02 2012

Zirit-Life: so what can each of us do to balance these hemispheres of our brain Right Now? according to Steve Ross, when these two sides of our brain come into balance is when we can really start to awaken and connect to love and the light of the PRESENT …MOMENT..chanting the ancient language of Sanskrit, with its male and female syllables, is a way of bringing the right and left hemispheres of our brain, which have a tendency to be off-balance, closer to the center and back into balance..chanting doesn’t mean you are joining a cult, a religion or that you are a new-age, wackadoodledoo..chanting simply creates a chemical and physiological response in the body and the brain that can make you feel open and happy and all-blissed-out…

Inner Peace

5 02 2012

How do you sit in relation to life?

Quieting your mind

24 01 2012

I have recently begun my 200hr Yoga teacher training certification. Meditation being a part of Yoga, and being a person who naturally suffers from anxiety I find it difficult to keep my mind at rest. Yoga helps me with this and the lifestyle is very transformative and I can see myself changing in such beautiful ways right before my own eyes. I suggest that everyone bring inner peace into their lives and be amazed at what you can accomplish!


14 01 2012

Today in the dark grove
creepers with their crimson shots
are a fiery mass.
Anklets tinkle, bees hum,
cuckoos sweetly sing.

On Her head is a peacock’s crown,
at Her ears, vihangi bird ornaments.
Her navel is a while lotus
and She has restless khanjana bird eyes.
Bees sip nectar
from her flowery face.

With tamala trees for legs, ankleted
with snakes
She stands on Siva
the silver mountain.

look at this great wonder:
Sankari on the chest
of Sankara.

~ Kamalakanta Bhattacarya

You got this!

4 01 2012

Happy Halloween!

31 10 2011

Namaste and Happy Halloween!


22 09 2011

For all you Yogis out there here is a product I started using. It helps with stablizing your Yoga poses since many of them can cause slippery feet!


This is the pair I bought!